Local Election 2019

Green Wins Across the North East

Prior to these elections we had no principal tier Councillors in the North East. We now have 4 Councillors! We have massively increased our representation across the region, and we are giving residents green elected representation for the first time ever.

We also had a number of close second places, which points to our hard work meaning we will be winning more seats next year.

Our victories were as follows:

David Francis South Tyneside Beacon and Bents Gain from Labour and breakthrough onto new Council
Matthew Snedker & Bryony Holroyd Darlington College Both Gain from Conservatives and breakthrough onto new Council
Dom Armstrong Sunderland Washington South Gain from Labour and breakthrough onto new Council


With these results we have changed the face of Green politics in the region. We will change the culture of the Councils where we now have representation, and we will drive sensible decision making that takes environmental issues seriously.