Meet the North East Green Party 2019 MEP Candidates

Rachel Featherstone

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Rachel Featherstone

I am standing as an MEP in this election because I believe that I can present the Green Party perspective passionately and persuasively.

I am capable, hardworking and confident in debate and public speaking. I am well known by the local media and I am often approached for comments and interviews. My experience as a general election candidate has given me a thorough knowledge of Green Party policy and this, combined with my ability to access and understand research, means that I am always well prepared for interviews and debates.

My aim in participating in this election would be to raise the profile of the party in the North East and increase our membership. Green Party have a strong chance of winning a seat in the region in 2019. In 2014 only 31% of those eligible to vote, actually did. A politically engaged electorate and higher turnout being the key to winning. If people vote for the party they actually want, whose policies they agree with, we would get a Green MEP for the North East!

I see the campaign as an excellent opportunity to highlight the urgency of adapting to climate change and fighting against further environmental breakdown. I believe that this can only be achieved through international cooperation. Though I am dismayed by the prospect of Brexit, I do not think we should allow the campaign to be entirely dominated by this issue.

Jonathan Elmer

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Jonathan Elmer

I am standing as an MEP in this election because effective change absolutely requires nations working together!

I would communicate the benefits of working together, across nations, to tackle the biggest threats humanity has ever faced. Throughout my life I have raised understanding of how unsustainable patterns of living are causing Climate Change and exceeding many planetary boundaries.

I am well qualified to take on this role. I have spent my career working as a freelance ecologist and Sustainable Development Manager for a large Council, and so have extensive knowledge of the natural environment and how these has been affected by people, communities, nations and their economies, industry and agriculture.

If elected, I will seek to reform the settlement between the EU and its support for the communities of the NE region. In particular, I will promote a transition to industries that provide promise for the future; I will influence regional transport planning to enable transition to mass transport and a move away from private car ownership; I will promote regional housing to ensure houses provide for evidenced needs and are energy efficient; and, I will influence food production to ensure a greater proportion comes from local and sustainable farming.

Dawn Furness

Dawn Furness

I am standing as an MEP in this election because have lived, visited and worked in several European Countries we are far stronger as a nation as part of the European Union.

I was one of only 5 UK film producers to be selected for the prestigious EAVE European Producer programme. As a trained scientist our continued participation in shared scientific projects is vital to our development as a nation. While many people had valid reasons to vote leave in the referendum, many more were lied to by politicians and lobbyists who immediately became unaccountable. I believe the only viable course of action, if the government are not to revoke article 50, is an informed second referendum.

The current, intense round of parliamentary votes to hammer out EXACTLY what SHOULD have been done BEFORE the vote. As a nation we need all the options in front of us to make an informed decision. I intend to reach out towards those UK citizens that voted to leave but those that voted remain MUST be represented. I plan a network of fundraising events and intend to be a strong and proud voice for the Unity of the European Union both in the UK and in Europe.