2014 set to be the North-East’s hardest fought Euro election campaign

22 March 2014

Shirley Ford says:

Disillusioned voters should look past the faux patriotism of UKIP.

Nigel Farage, a millionaire ex-banker, advocates the super-rich paying the same level of tax as working class people. Many northerners earn less than the living wage and we cannot afford to keep Nigel's affluent friends in champagne and skiing holidays.

And if you think the current government's austerity is bad, UKIP's policy is to slash what's left of our public services and privatise everything - more profits for their mates and backers.

UKIP have repeatedly denied the existence of man-made climate change, a view contrary to 97% of scientific research. It is a shame that lazy UKIP MEPs did not think it necessary to vote on European legislation on flood controls which could have mitigated the effect of recent flooding in the UK. Lazy behaviour has been replicated by UKIP councillors.

UKIP's especially pernicious rhetoric around immigration will cause great harm to our culture and economy if put into practice. We are by tradition a tolerant and diverse society and should take pride in that.

We are understandably angry with mainstream parties. Voting for a party that wants to make us poorer, ignore us & divide us is no solution


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