Dewley Hill #KeepItInTheGround

14 May 2019

‘Britain has enough coal stockpiled at power stations to fuel them until they are shut down forever!’

As reported in today’s Times - Friends of the Earth analysed updated government figures on current coal reserves concluding, “coal stocks held at power stations are more than enough to generate the projected amount of electricity”, until 2025, when coal is due to be phased out completely.

Green Party has fought tirelessly against open-cast mines under the “Keep it in the Ground Campaign”. The huge announcement today completely undermines the case for a new coal mine at Druridge Bay, and other sites at Dewley Hill and Pont Valley.

Burning coal emits significant greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. Britain has been phasing out the use of coal power and has vowed to shut down plants altogether by 2025 unless they are fitted with technology to capture carbon emissions.

Rachel Featherstone Lead MEP Candidate

PHOTO: North East Region Green Party Lead Candidates Rachel Featherstone. Photo taken on location at Druridge Bay Sunday 5 May 2019. Photo available as a separate attachment without NEGP Branding.

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