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Caroline Lucas recent visit to the North East

03 January 2017

Druridge Bay: Green Party Submission to Public Inquiry

03 January 2017


28 April 2016

The North East England region of the Green Party will not be contesting these elections. The deposit of £5,000 for each of the three candidates in our region is punitive, restricting candidatures to organisations with rich backers. This is quite undemocratic. The position itself is not only too centralised but also too isolated from other agencies with which it should be integrated. The very low level of public participation in past elections may itself reflect a widespread recognition that the track record of Police and Crime Commissioners has been largely unsuccessful.

Shirley Ford's speech at the NE Climate March November 2015

01 December 2015

A transcript of the speech Shirley Ford delivered at the NE Climate March in November 2015

Green Party condemns undemocratic devolution deals for North East

26 October 2015

The North East England Green Party has condemned the Government’s newly announced devolution deals for the North East as undemocratic and paltry. The party say they want much greater devolution for local communities instead.

Greens attack Newcastle Council over destructive Woolsington Plan

20 July 2015

It is a bad day for Newcastle, for ordinary citizens of the city and for critical wildlife habitat when a Labour-dominated council and its planning committee back what is actually a speculative business development in Green Belt land at Woolsington Hall. It is a scheme by tycoon Sir John Hall that will only cater for a very small number of fellow super-rich individuals. Revealingly, the Chief Executive from Cameron Hall, when proposing the scheme at committee hearing, called the new hotel and associated facilities a “high-end extravagant (sic) experience” and “ opulent".

The North East Region: A Green History

13 July 2015

The green movement in the North East in general and Tyneside in paricular scarcely appears in standard histories of the area. Yet it has existed for many years, green movement in the North East in general and Tyneside in particular. Indeed one of the fist mass movements with a strong environmental element was the local ‘Dicky Bird Society’founded in 1874. Membership reached some 100,000.

Brasilia Man: Newcastle’s T. Dan Smith

13 July 2015

Britain is playing with the idea of‘city bosses’, mayors with a much stronger political role, something quite common abroad. In the 1960s, T. Dan Smith did a similar job in the NE and it was one that ought not to be repeated.

The Green Party condemns threat to the Woolsington Woods from Cameron Hall development proposal

30 April 2015

Greens condemn council’s core plan for not preparing the city for the future

01 April 2015


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